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In many years of working in and on the fringes of the IT industry I have never experienced as smooth an implementation as I have with your work on CCI Australia's Venue Finder.
Ken Pullen - CEO - Christian Camping International Australia
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Garrison Computer Services has many products to enhance your web and computing experience. Some are free for you to use however you see fit. Others are high quality solutions to assist with your database and marketing requirements.

Email Archiver

Email Archiver is an AppleScript Studio application which sets up 'archive rules' for keeping the size of mailboxes to a reasonable limit. It allows you to specify which mailboxes you want to archive, how old messages must be to archive, and how often roll over archive mailboxes. It currently works with Mailsmith, a version for Eudora and Apple Mail is underway.

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xMahjongg Select

xMahjongg Select is GUI for the xMahjongg tile matching game. xMahjongg runs under the X11 windowing system and its setup is controlled by command line options. xMahjongg Select will handle all the setup for you and start a new game using your chosen options.

NOTE, xMahjongg Select does not include the game xMahjongg; it is simply a graphical front end to simplify launching xMahjongg with your chosen options. If you have not already downloaded xMahjongg (& XFree86), you will need to do so before using xMahjongg Select. If you have Fink installed then you can use it to install xMahjongg.

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This is a collection of various scripts I have found useful.

[sorry, I haven't had time to upload these yet.]