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Thanks for doing a great job on our on-line biomass energy characteristics database, which CSIRO Energy Technology intends to officially launch in late 2003. Your services have been professional, timely and on-budget, and it has been a pleasure working with you.
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xMahjongg Select v1.0.1

xMahjongg Select is GUI for the xMahjongg tile matching game. xMahjongg runs under the X11 windowing system and its setup is controlled by command line options. xMahjongg Select will handle all the setup for you and start a new game using your chosen options.

See some screen snapshots of xMahjongg Select in action.

Download xMahjongg Select today.

NOTE, xMahjongg Select does not include the game xMahjongg; it is simply a graphical front end to simplify launching xMahjongg with your chosen options. If you have not already downloaded xMahjongg (& XFree86), you will need to do so before using xMahjongg Select. If you have Fink installed then you can use it to install xMahjongg. The official site for xMahjongg is http://www.lcdf.org/xmahjongg/


  • X11 or XDarwin (& XFree86)
  • xMahjongg
  • OSX 10.2 or later

Version History

v1.0.1 - 21 July 03
Fixed issue with 'Location' preference not being saved and reloaded
Changed default location to /sw/bin/xmahjongg (seems to be most common setting, non-fink users will need to change it)
Menus for layouts, backgrounds and tile sets will update after changing Location preference
v1.0 - 14 July 03
Added sample image display for backgrounds and tile sets
Added preference for X11 application
Will bring X11 application to front when starting a new game
v0.9b - 10 July 03
Initial public release