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Email Archiver v0.88b

Email Archiver is an AppleScript Studio application which sets up 'archive rules' for keeping the size of mailboxes to a reasonable limit. It allows you to specify which mailboxes you want to archive, how old messages must be to archive, and how often to roll over archive mailboxes. It currently works with Mailsmith, a version for Eudora and Apple Mail is underway.

See some screen snapshots of Email Archiver in action.

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Archiving by age
Email Archiver will archive messages within your mail program that meet given criteria. For example, any read messages that are older than X days and don't have a label set will be moved to another mailbox corresponding that message's date.
Auto-creation of archive mailboxes
The archive mailbox will be created if it doesn't exist. The rollover period determines how often a new archive mailbox will be created (eg every month, every 6 months, etc). An email will (optionally) be sent with a summary of messages archived for each mailbox. Archive mailboxes are created with a name composed of the 'archive name' and the rollover period (YY-MM). For example, if the mailbox 'archive name' is Clients and the rollover period is 1 month, then mailboxes will be created (if needed) with the following names:
  • Clients 03-07
  • Clients 03-08
  • Clients 03-09
  • Clients 03-10
Archiving criteria
Messages are archived if they meet certain criteria. They are archived to mailboxes with year-month added to the name. The criteria for archiving a message are:
  • age of message in days
  • status of messages to keep (unread, queued, labelled, etc)
  • label to ignore (if keeping labelled messages)

What is the advantage of archiving messages within your mail program rather than to text files or FileMaker? For some of my active mailboxes (eg. Clients, Projects, outgoing mail, etc) I want to keep all the messages, but I want the 'active' mailbox to be small and only contain current or recent messages. I used to manually move all older messages to date specific sub-mailboxes. After about 100 times I decided to automate the process; Email Archiver is the evolution of that original script.


  • Email program (Mailsmith)
  • OSX 10.2 or later

Version History

v0.89b - 3 February 2004
  • New untitled documents no longer appear partially off-screen
  • Warning when saving mailbox setting with Archive Path that specifies an non-existent mailbox
  • No longer requires Finder for creating/opening log files
  • Dialog box when selecting Preferences menu item to inform user that preferences are not currently available
  • ReadMe document can be opened from the Help menu
  • Tool tips added for most fields and controls
v0.88b - 12 January 2004
  • Compatibility with OSX 10.3 (Panther)
  • Mailbox browser for choosing archive path works better
  • Misc improvements and bug fixes
v0.87b - 23 July 03
  • Re-enabled 'Cancel' menu item (Command-.) while archiving or scanning for mailboxes
  • Added options panel for selecting multiple labels to ignore when archiving
  • Moved log file location (same folder as document for saved files; users home folder for new unsaved files)
  • Cleaned up formatting of email report
  • Misc improvements and bug fixes (new icons)
v0.86b - 16 July 03
  • Fixed message selection criteria for status with mutiple items in list
  • Added option for 'ignore label'
  • Added mailbox browser for choosing archive path
v0.85b - 8 July 03
  • Initial public release